Improving the World through Technology

Working across the entire industrial lifecycle, we speed up innovations and integration, optimising research and development efforts while securing customer’s intellectual property. We aim to grow our client’s capability through engineering, management and delivery of full projects or as an integrated part of a wider supply chain.

From small engineering development assignments through to the operation of complex integration programmes, we are versatile and willing to operate close to our customers and bring the expertise of our global centres of excellence into our delivered solutions.

Assystem Technologies engineering teams are trained to listen, master and grow skills, adapt to the challenges of innovation, risk management and complexity.

As a global player, Assystem Technologies takes serious responsibility for:


Assystem Technologies is committed to try and increase the number of women entering engineering and business and to ensure that it becomes an attractive and respectful place for female employees to develop their careers. The establishment of the internal forum Women in Engineering and Business has the full backing of the UK Executive team and has already made a positive impact on the business. Assystem Technologies UK is actively supporting STEM activities in local schools and is opening its doors to young females looking for work experience in an engineering and technical environment.

Sustainable Development

Responsibility is a core condition of our success and performance. Assystem Technologies adheres to the United Nations Global Compact, which respects the principles of human rights and labour, environmental preservation and the fight against corruption. Responsibility also guides our innovation policy and our corporate culture, through the development of good practices such as limiting our energy consumption or the use of electric and hybrid vehicles.


Our aspiration is to continuously improve the environment where any person’s “good idea” is nurtured to its natural conclusion for our business and all ideas are appreciated for their intention. We are investing in tools that make this easier and engaging with the purpose of sharing with the community, who are best placed to promote and extend those ideas that resonate most. Our technology excellence is what inspires our customers and this underpins our personal drive for bettering ourselves. Our entrepreneurship lays the foundations for making the future an exciting prospect when working at Assystem Technologies.