Manufacturing Engineering Case Study



We provided a fully managed service to support commercial and military aircraft engine design and manufacturing for a major global aero engine manufacturer.

We have worked with our client since 2013 to manage non-conformance across engine programmes to enable on-time delivery whilst maintaining product integrity and safety. Operational non-conformance management is essential to achieve better turnaround times and improve quality, delivery and cost.


Our 60 strong team, co-located with the clients’ engineering teams on the customer site, provide a comprehensive and autonomous managed service that investigates, sentences and eliminates non-conformance.

By utilising our full suite of concession management capabilities and tools, we were able to:

  • Investigate and sentence non-conformance
  • Reduce the number of concessions and eliminate non-conformance
  • Provide effective and responsive operational management
  • Ensure product manufactured meets specification – if required, controlled, investigated and approved through a product change process
  • Reduce scrap levels
  • Supply Chain Engagement (Internal and External)
  • Set up Supplier Workshops
  • Develop Improvement Plans

Over a 12 month period, we reviewed 14,000 concessions and managed and investigated 320 specification changes to assist the customers’ supply chain. Concession TRT improved by 60%.


  • Development of new methods for future engine programmes
  • Reduced economic risk – the fixed price approach offered economic certainty
  • Use of Assystem Technologies offices and IT – reducing cost to the customer