Sussex Racing 2018 Make History!


It is with great pleasure that we can announce that the Sussex Racing Team we sponsored this year finished 22nd overall in the competition out of a total 81 entrants from around the world, and finished 13th out of UK entrants, completing all Static and Dynamic events. This is the highest finish recorded in Sussex Racing history. The team also achieved a new Sussex Racing record of 18th and 21st in the world in the Endurance and Sprint events respectively as well as 12th place in the business presentation.

The event, held at the world famous Silverstone Race Track, received great coverage this year. Jenson Button even paid the team a visit and signed the car which was publicised by both BBC News and the Sun. Our sponsorship enables the team to participate and simultaneously provides us with exposure at multiple prestigious events, all which attract industry experts and members of the public.

The 2019 team will be larger, with 18 members and focus will be turned onto improving the powertrain and researching the possibility of introducing a turbocharger. The team hope that these efforts will help them to maximise the power output from the powertrain to ensure they start from pole position.

We are extremely proud to sponsor the Sussex Racing team and are excited to see what they can achieve with a bigger team next year. We are also delighted to welcome a member of the SR-18 team, new graduate, Dapo Oyelami, to our Automotive division based in Dunton.

Photo Credit to Malcolm Tam