The increased intelligence of systems and machines and their interaction in the context of the Internet of Things allows for completely new business models. By analysing and evaluating data from production and interaction, the necessary information is obtained for the optimisation of processes regarding costs, efficiency and quality. Operating concepts which set new standards in terms of user guidance, flexibility and availability, and furthermore, meet all safety and security requirements is what customers request today. Software and data are crucial for competitiveness.

At Assystem Technologies, we can accelerate this process, introducing new digitised solutions for our clients. We are a reliable development partner for innovative industry 4.0 solutions: Smart production, flexible and thereby self-optimising, perfectly visualised machines, easily controllable by a mobile device and tailor-made security concepts to ensure high availability.

With our knowledge of the best industrial practices, we contribute to the delivery performance of our customers (Time to Market, Agility, Quality and Innovation), their operational competitiveness and digital transformation. Our experts not only master the technology, but also understand all of the industrial processes and systems involved in each stage of the product lifecycle. We enable our customers to accelerate their transformation in line with the operational implementation of their industrial strategy.